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Can we lose money?

The idea is for everyone to have a great time. This means NO losers! Your guests can "bet" all they want without fear of losing their shirt! The ONLY money alowed is CASINO FUN money, of which there is lots! There is no real gambling.


OK, but does it feel like being in a real casino?

Most definitely! We only use genuine casino grade tables, roulette wheels, slot machines and equipment that create the atmosphere. Add to this our Pit Bosses and Dealers that look the genuine article. They supply the fun and excitement for an unforgettable experience.


Where do we get the "money"?

Casino Fun provides all the "money" and tokens. The amount is agreed in advance with the host as well as the policy for additional "funds" for guests who run out early.


What about all the little details?

Remember when planning your party, there are lots of details that you need to consider. Things like:

  •  How much space do we need?
  •  How many players per table?
  •  Do we need a theme?
  •  What kind of prizes should we offer?
  •  What is included?
  •  Cash or open bar (or both)?

And many more..........

Casino Fun provides all the answers and finds all the solutions, We totally de-stress the party process for you!


Can we use Casino Fun for special events?

Absolutely! As well as our regular parties, Casino Fun party experts can guide you through all the planning for:

  • Fundraisers
  •  Holiday Parties (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's, New Years)
  • Calgary Stampede Party
  • Theme parties (Monte Carlo, cruise ship, Hawaiian, costume) 


Do we need a licence?

No, this is not real gambling and no real money is ever used, only Casino Fun "money".


Are cash prizes allowed?

No, only non-cash prizes may be offered


Anything Else?

Just call us at 403 252 FUN2 (3862). We're waiting to get your party underway!




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