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content-image4Casino Fun is dedicated to making your next party a fun, exciting and truly special event that will always stand out in your guests' minds as YOUR party.

Think of it as a stage. Of first importance is the quality of the set-up and props which is why we only use new casino grade tables, slot machines and equipment.

But in the end it is the actors that seal the success of the show. Our floor staff are chosen not just for their professional appearance and technical expertise but equally for their outgoing personalities and animation skills. They put the FUN into Casino Fun.


Casino Fun Experts

Our experts are friendly, efficient party planners.

Casino Fun is dedicated to providing you and your valued guests with a night of unique fun and excitement that you and your guests will never forget. Our Party experts can create custom casino party packages on an individual basis or they can adjust any of our existing packages to suit your needs.

Your chosen Casino Fun Expert will stay with you from start to finish. Only one planner to totally focus on YOUR event.

The first ingredient for a successful fun event!


Casino Fun Pit Bosses

Our pit bosses look the part in their smart tuxedos.

They bring their extensive Knowledge and experience of casino operations which helps recreate an authentic casino ambience. They also monitor every game table during the event and add extra animation and surprises in the way a highly successful Master of Ceremonies does.

Add to this their talent for guest management, discreetly guiding the players from table to table, always friendly and helpful.

The second ingredient for a successful event!


Casino Fun Dealers

Our dealers are carefully chosen for their appearance and personalities.

But they are more than just professional and sharply dressed dealers. They bring life and excitement to the table. They set the party mood. They make all your guests winners. They are the heart of the party. When you see the high fives and hear the shouts of excitement, gales of laughter and the chanting of "ole, ole, ole", then you KNOW your party is a success!

The third ingredient for a successful event!


Casino Fun Director

Our director brings all the ingredients together for a party "good enough to eat!"

The director is easily available to all clients and will always give final approval and sign off on your party project.

The fourth ingredient for a successful event!


Casino Fun Support Staff

And of course, behind the scenes but none-the-less essential, our accounting staff who ensure that the financial side runs smoothly and efficiently!

The fifth ingredient for a successful event!


In the end, success is assured by the sum of all the parts!


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